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Related post: Date: Sun, 2 Oct 2005 09:12:09 EDT From: Subject: Raw Recruits. Chapter 6Disclaimer: If you are not yet 18 years of age or if it is illegal to read materials of this kind where you live, then please stop now. This story contains descriptions of sexual activity between young adults. Please write: I would love to hear if you like my story. Raw Recruits. Chapter gothic modeling agencies 6. There was gentle knock on Sgt. Carter's door.Carter memphis belle models was in the bedroom, with Private Hodge. The naked troop's cheek was lying in Sarge's cock hair. 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Between two of the black bodies he could see a face bent nude asain models down being fed a long black tool..."Gwookkk! Uccch! Cccch!" The legs kicked in electric-like charged tremors, heels banging into the wall in a violent and steady tat-a-tat-a-tatta.Conway just stood under the shower in his piss-drenched uniform, and if his mind could compute, he was seeing another of the white boys of his platoon serving dutifully. "Smmork! Sssmppp! Guccchh!"The phone rang in Sarge's room, over the sounds of a cock-licking Private 'ottertail'."Mission accomplished," reported Fenwick in Sgt. Carter's ear."Thanks, Benton, I knew you were the right guy." Click Raw Recruits. Chapter 6.Conway slowly picked model teens thumbs his uniform off his body till he was completely naked. He got his boots away from the cascading shower and rinsed the slopped uniform out. The soap ground into it from his use as a mop by Fenwick, actually aided in cleaning it. He hung the pants, shirt, underwear and socks on hooks along the front wall of the shower to drain and dry. Each troop had several uniforms and two pairs of boots, so he would be okay for field exercises the next day.As he russian alisa model stood at the entry to the shower air drying, staring at the scene around the sink, he might have seen that there was a new shiny black butt bucking that whiteyboi facehole now. The first facefucker was frigging Hinds' asshole with two long black digits. Hinds' nerve endings had to be in total overload. He was still quivering as attested to by his feet jittering against the wall. His art nyphet models hands were wrapped around a hard black tube each.Conway was completely ignored by the five dudes in their fiery lust to playtoy teen model use Hinds to his maximum. The 'gwalk'ing ixtractor ls models and 'glulpp'ing were a suck'rotic echo behind Conway as he left to go upstairs and try to preeteen supermodels get his afterhours work done on his equipment for the next day before lights out. masha model child If he could stay awake, he'd probably be on the steps outside under the firelight way past christina model boobs midnight.As he came up the aisle between 3d young rusisan models and 4th squads, he saw two black troops at either side of Shrum's bunk with the naked kid's legs up and back over his head. Conway was numbed out and just walked past not seeing what he was seeing.The two guys working over eroic models Shrum might be asking for trouble 'cause they were fiddlling with the butt blug Sarge installed in his little fuckstud. "Please don't...Sarge said...not to, oh ohow!" he moaned through his pleas as he got punched in the plug. They started banging his own boot on the plug, hitting places up chile teen models inside Shrum he didn't know modelling non n he had as stars went off behind his eyes.It was like Conway was a ghost moving past his black fellow soldier basic trainees. He was holding his breath. He knew the first horny black dakar models dude he passed could have him eating cock in pretee sexy models a second. Alex had promised Osborne he'd be put in 'service' that night, so there was a heavy tension around Osborne's bunk area as time and space narrowed to lights out."No....nooooooooooppphhcch!" howled Pvt. Barry who had finished his equipment prep and was lying on his bunk with a book. The book, thrown to the floor in the aisle was replaced in Barry's hands by the bulk of a black soldier's hips....a handsome black tool riding his tongue. Man oh man, glamour model photographers whut Sergeant Carter had wrought! Fun fuckin' times at Barracks One! In Sarge's quarters, Hodge was near crazed what with honoring Sarge's every wish so that he would finally be allowed to swamp that massive tool with his drooling mouth and lips that never knew they needed big black cock so bad.Sarge was sitting against youing models the headboard now, with young 'otter' Hodge naked on his belly between Sarge's knees-up legs. His heavy balls hung on the bridge of Hodge's nose. Sarge moaned and squealed as Hodge's tongue swirled up inside the sergeant's pucker.With all the pleasings body parts modelling Hodge was giving him, he was seriously thinking about eating out one of his steady town cunt. He just hadn't ever been able make himself do it, but amazingly, with a little teen swimsuit modeling pressure he had gotten most cunt to rim and suck him. There is something intoxicating about being able to give such pleasure.Sarge kept having to press against the top of Hodge's head as the yong troop tried incessantly to weasel up to get at the big man's cock. 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Sarge held his cock rigidly over the kid's face and Hodge's alexandra model blog tongue shot out for it. No dice. Sarge did let young otter touch his mancock but not the way he wanted. For no less than five minutes Sarge beat the kid soldier's face with it instead. The power and heft of that sergeant dick took a toll on Hodge's fair skinned face and senses. Hodge was flushed and sweated from all his prior action, but he was picking up new and deeper reddening as Sarge relentlessly beat top new models the kid's face with his dick.Sarge loved making Hodge blink and flinch when young models imgboard he'd switch repetition patterns, not to mention making him dodge, duck down and blink when he really was prick-pummeled. Somewhere after the start of this face beating Hodge christina model torrents started sobbing convulsively. He couldn't believe this man for whom he would do and already best lol model did everything, beautiful women model and had taught him such a need, would treat him so badly, and keep him from the joy he'd learned he ls girl modeling might have always wanted.Sarge would talk constantly in low tones about Hodge's boxing club buddies. "You sucked park model homes 'em buddyfags at da boxin' club, I know, boi. You don't hafta hide whatchu loves. Ol' Sarge will still give you all you ever gonna need." All the while he teased and tormented young ottertail, he squeezed his forehead, and bent his face to, then away from his big hard mandick. Continuing, "You showed 'em boys yur hole, din'tchu...and buried yur pinky-brown pecker up a few queens yur child models angel own seff. Sarge knows. And Sarge gonna be givin' you whatchu been missin' boy....mmmmm....that be right....whatchu been missin'."Hodge was being near hysterical. His whimpers became yelps and tiny screams. His white-knuckled hands gripped model teenage young and tore at the bedcovers under him, while his muscle-tightened legs and feet kicked at the air nextdoor modelsnude and pounded back down onto the bed.Sarge loved it. Absolutely loved it. His free hand smoothed over otter's sweat-soaked skin.His boy soldier went limp in his hold, and Sarge smiled. He moved left so he could allow Hodge to lie flat on his stomach. Sarge kneed back over Hodge inserting his strong blackness between Hodge's legs having nudged them apart. With the slick of his leaking prefuck, Sarge 'oiled' his meat. He hawked up a gigantic gob of spit and snot and droozed it from his lips right onto his fingers where he was frig-teasing Hodge's teen soldier cunt. The scuzzy marinade of lube rode up into Hodge with Sarge's relentless fuckfingers. Again girl models nn Sarge smiled as his pussytroop started to ride back onto his fingers. He knew his toyhole was ready.Sergeant Carter lay gently to sweet little models his young ottertail as his fingers circled his ebony impaler and "Phwwuh, unnnghhhhh, ohhuh, shhhhsshhuh," Hodge moaned and wheezed as Sarge surged steadily into his deflowered junior lingerie models hole."Eeeeeessshhhhhhhh!" the kid exhaled into the pillow as Sarge bottomed to the curlies, and ground in and around and tv model bikini around while he held tight into his newly crying fucktoy.Sarge reached around otterboi's head and while his long fingers seemed to mask Hodge's face, three of them eased through the kid's lips, and with his other hand to Hodge's right shoulder, he pulled the soldier boy's upper body up and back till the kid was on his hands and knees.He rocked the kid forward five inches off his prong, then yanked him back over it again. Then again...then again...and again and again and faster and faster and the boy troop was sucking air and spray-splifting out asian porno models over Sarge's tightening fingers in his mouth.Oh goddd....the toy soldier rut-rammed his new pussycunt over and back onto Sarge's nine inches of pure fucking toyboy joy while Sarge kept yanking tinymodel amber him by the mouth and shoulder. Over and over and overrrrrrrrrrr!In a wild short-stroking frenzy, troop and sergeant blueteen models links on their knees, sealed at back and chest by sweat and heat seemed to tremble violently, just before all went still and quiet.Man and toy heaved and gasped for breath, but that was all that was heard in the back room of Sarge's quarters. There was some myusenet erotica modell slight quivering of the mattress as they seemed to hang precariously above it on their knees.Sarge's butt cheeks dimpled and flushed as he seeded his young charge deep and long. As his spent fuck sapped him, Sarge slumped forward quaking in his ebbing cum, and both troop and sergeant pancaked to the mattress exhaling, wheezing, and whimpering.Sarge lola models licked at julian teen model otter's cheek and neck as little boats model they lay bucking together with Sarge's aftercum jolts.They uncensord little models lay silent for many long moments. Hodge was trapped under simply nude models the much larger sergeant heat-sealed to his back and rooted inside him.Hodge wondered if Sarge was asleep when he heard long steady breaths afterwhile.He turned his head so he could get a look at his manfuck pleaser. He was both shocked and, was that a smile of pleasure? As kid underwear models Sarge ground his face into the kid's neck under his ear, Hodge felt first it was nearly imperceptible. But soon there was no doubt.As Sarge's arms closed completely under and around Hodge's trunk, tightening him to Sarge's belly, he felt Sarge's rutting reamer start to nurture deep into his insides....He turned back to look top japanese models into Sarge's hot black face, and received a smile through gritting teeth which he returned. He opened his mouth to speak and nothing came out at first, then he squeaked weakly, "Sergeant Cartuhhhh....Sergeant...."Sarge smiled and nodded, raising his brows as he tried to model kids pussy hear his cuntboi."Sergeant....pleeeeeeeze....pleeeze....fuck....meee Sergeant...."Sarge bit Hodge's shoulder as he oksana teen model butt-snapped his models links teens young fucktoy. porno models young "You betcha, boi," he gasped, "you BETCHA!"The bed rocked, and squeaked on into the night..... Back in the head, Hinds had been moved to a pair of benches stacked one on top of the other. He was already face-riding his fifth black margot bbw model soldier cock deep down his throat. The rides were much easier for the tormented cockdump now that his throat was numbed.He fitness models fucking had no idea what he was doing anymore, or what he had already upskirts teen model done. But while the five dudes ganged him, other troops had come through the toilet area to shit, piss and shower. Every single one of them either plowed the young fucker's asshole, which stuck out so invitingly off one side of the bench, or got jerked by one his two hands hanging out to his sides. There was soldier jackgoop all over the floor left, fitness models julia nn model right and under Hinds' crotchless swimsuits models head.Of course, when the bikini model mayhem facefuckers got their nut, they also gave Hinds their own version of 'around not nude models the world', by having him handpump sexy models galleries their puds or take them up his ass.The only sounds in the room beside the under-the-breath rants by the humping black troops, were and occasional escaping air suction release from one of Hinds' holes, the schlkk, smupping, of guppying face and asshole lips tightening to railing top ess models reamers again and again and again.Some young blacks even got down under the action to watch the erotics of Hinds' asslips hanging onto the fuckrods as they pulled out, and then tucking back inside on the instroke. There was also the inner bunghole moistness and cum slop droozing out the ravaged asscunt. Ohmannnn! And the steady stream of cock and spit slop down the mixed teen models troop's cheeks as he took an endless facefucking from his mates. Osborne had to taken his buckle, boots and polish to the outer back steps under the light to finish shining them. As he sat nearly calmed that Alex had seemed to forget about his 'promise', ass model perfect the screendoor hinge squeaked and behind him stood Alex. He looked up into the black kid's face. Alex wasn't smiling, but his cock was arching out free teenmodel of his fly, he bobbed it at Osborne.The white kid was also just in a pair of boxers. Alex sat right next to him, and worked his middle finger up Oz's shitter. mens workout model "Ugh! Unnngh! Ooommph!" Osborne grunted."Getcher ass up, preeteen nn model and sit on it, dude," was all Alex said. Ozzie got up and looked down behind him confused as Alex yanked the kid's shorts down and gripped his hips at the same time. "Suck spit ontuh my fingers," he said. Osborne reluctantly sucked in those black digits and spittied 'em up. Alex gobbed his prick which stood hard and tall to it's full 6 inches."Shove some spit up yur hole, boy," Alex told him. Ozzie did so, and then started to pull away from Alex, turning as he did so and looked like he was gonna throw a punch. Out of the blue, jordan model nude Osborne lunged at Alex and yelled, "Why you doin' iss to me, you bastard! We teen model illegal wuz buds. We wuz friends!"Alex baretta model 90 yanked the kid's shorts down further, loosely binding Oz's ankles, then shot a bare shin up between the kid's legs. Osborne sucked air silently and slumped in a ball into Alex' lap."BeCAUSE, I say so is why, FAGGOT! latina fashion models Ahmena cultivate yur fuckin' holes man, and you gonna be the breeding ground for black cock seed, queerass! Errrrrrnnnnnchhh!" And true to his word, Alex sowed him some soldier csm top models furrow as he sank his tool up into a screeling Ozboi who cried but yet still tried not to make noise. As rough as Alex was, it was nothin' after he so brutally took Famous model teen Eddie Jack's rammerjammer the night before.Alex told him to polish his buckle and fuck himself up and down at the same time. Osborne just cried, while jerkily polishing and fucking and trembling. Every time Alex was getting amature models gallery close, Ozzie humped his ass tgp model top wrong and killed it, so it kept on cp models tgp and on. Three of the guys coming out of the shower, model top saw the action on the back steps. Even after already taking a turn with Hinds, they just couldn't resist at least letting Osborne polish their knobs before bed. Each guy stood in the littles models nude open ellite model agency under the light feeding that dark pork, the new dark meat, to a newly hysterical Osborne. He burst into tears with eachy new black cock that bared itself before him. The best was when two of them shoved in together, and Osborne was choking and sputtering.When they left having been polished off, Alex made Osborne get to his boots. He said, "With that cockslick in yer mouth you oughta be able to getchu some fine spitshine on them boots boy. SUCK 'em! Afta you get yur hole pleased here, you'll come in with me and get MY boots, come back out here and 'cums'shine them, too." As Osborne's sandra modell nude squad leader, Alex would also be inspecting the kid's boots in the morning.Alex was really enjoying the moist heat of his buddytroop pussy, and lingered inside Ozzie, till porn pedo models he had to get his nut. He finally tore into Osborne so furiously, that the 5c collet model kid dropped the boots and gripped onto the handrail for support, as Alex finished farming Oz's hole, accompanied by heaving fuck grunts and sucks for air.He soon put Osborne on the second step to his knees totally naked, boxers hanging off his heels, to clean his poker. pro top models "Make my cock free of yur crackahfaggot butt slime, bitch!"Ozzie's heels came together behind him making an upside down 'V'. His toes turned out, curled up under and tight, as he face-bobbed him some fine blackpud.Oh mannnn! Alex got crazy and pulled the cocksucker's ucoz model head deep on his prick and sank through!!!! "Take me off, you fuck! Take me ORRRFFFF!!!" Alex yowled as he rutted up through the kid's gawking throathole."Huhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" littlemodels topsite Alex gasped loving the suction release when he pulled hard out of Osborne.He mooshed Oz's face all around his cock and balls, then turned and pulled the teen's face up his crack....up and down he crouched into Osborne's asshole sucking face, then he pulled away with the young soldier's tongue hanging amateur models toplist out, and curled up with no ass to lick, as he watched the screen door close silently.....Alex was gone....Osborne still hung there, his fucking tongue hanging out, sucking for air and finally he hung his head....ho-leeeeeeeeeee sheeeittt! As he kneeled there in all his sweat-shiny nakedness in the firelight at the back of Barracks One, young soldier cum streamed from his throbbing cock!!! Fuckin' Ozzieboi got his nut again with out touching!!! How proud Alex would have been!!!!The fuckin' cumdump trembled there in his aftercum out in the wee hours of the morning. When he finally recovered, he sullenly pulled up his boxers and barefooted nude men modell his way to Alex' bunk to get the dude's boots to 'cumshine'.Goddddddddddddd....would there ever be an end to all this? teen underwear model Back out on the steps, Osborne licked Alex' boots, rubbing some of his own cumshot from the puddle on the steps. Manomanoman! The kid troop's poker shot out of his fly and then he was full-faced inside Alex' boot, smorfing the scent of black soldier foot....his hand gripped his cock and he p-u-l-l-e-d and baby teen models p-u-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-e-d! Back in the barracks, the squeaking springs of jacking basic trainees had faded into clearing throats, long sighs, snoring and deep dreams of pussy back home. But there was still some squeaking, a poorly harmonized sound of badly tuned violins....and rusian teen models there were groans, moans and grunting.Conway never got the chance to get outside to petite model free polish his buckle and boots.There were eight empty beds....Please write and tell artistic teen models me if you like my story. Send comments to Positive and negative comments teen models agencies welcome. For other stories, see JARROD on the Authors Page.
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